Thinking ProgramsThinking Programs

All "thinking" programs are based on the principle of the automatic chess-player. They are nothing but applied mathematics. Programs have been made on chess-system lines for analyzing strategic and tactical military situations and for stating the best counter-measures. Programs have been worked out for informing the managers of industrial plants in difficult economic situations as to the logically correct decisions they should make to solve their problems. There are programs which can work out for the benefit of farmers the proportions in which they should plant seed so that they can efficiently utilize both their machines and their manpower and at the same time realize the best possible market prices. All these problems - at least in theory-are solvable by programming, and in fact the only fault is that the programs may not take as many factors into account as those needed in practice. But programs are being improved from year to year, and someday programmed computers may really be worth as much as an industrial consultant or a general.

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Cybernetic Computer and Electronic Brain

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