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There is really no lack of possible uses for thinking machines able to learn from experience and from their opponents. Chess hardly interests the scientists any more. They are much more intensively occupied with strategic programs, whose problems are of course closely related to those of chess. A computer can be supplied with particulars of all the famous battles fought during the last 5,000 years, instructed to fight them out all over again, then store all the tactical moves which led to victory, and select those which could be used again in a given case - such an apparatus could possibly replace a whole General Staff.

Expenditures by the United Nations for under-developed areas are being "computerized" so that funds go where they are most needed.

Many businesses have been inquiring about such programs for a long time. And the Secret Services of all countries are positively imploring scientists for a computer capable of learning and deciphering the codes used by their real or potential enemies. As we have already said, efforts to program a highly developed learning capacity into computers are going on. For the time being, practical success has still not been achieved.

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